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QR code adventures EcotrekPeru

QR codes are two-dimensional bar codes that contain a direct link to the web page of a product or service.

The codes can be used to purchase tickets to an event directly from an ad or to provide market information updated to the minute.

To be able to use one of these codes, it is necessary to have software or a special app on your phone.

General characteristics

Although it was initially used to register spares in the area of the manufacture of vehicles, today the QR codes are used for inventory management in a wide variety of industries.

The inclusion of software that reads QR codes in mobile phones, has allowed new consumer-oriented uses, which are manifested in amenities such as the stop having to enter data manually in the phones.

The addresses and URLs are becoming increasingly common in magazines and advertisements. The addition of QR codes on business cards is also becoming common, greatly simplifying the task of entering individual details of a new customer in the agenda of a mobile phone.

QR codes can also be read from PC, smartphone, or tablet using image capture devices, such as a scanner or camera, programs to read the data QR and an Internet connection to the web addresses.

QR code adventures EcotrekPeru

AEP QR code

The steps listed below to follow the link from the institutional portal of Adventure EcotrekPeru Tour Operator

  • Activate your smartphone QR code reader.
  • Capture the code. Is usually done in a very similar manner to how a photo is taken.
  • The code is read and converted into an internet link for the software.

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