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Tips and Recommendations

Tips and recommendations

Taxi and public transport:

  • It is recommended to take only taxis authorized. The price must be negotiated before going to the destination.
  • In airports and bus terminals, it is advisable to hire taxi services authorized by the municipalities.

Banks / money exchange:

  • Banks in the Peru hours are normally Monday through Friday from 9:00 to 18:00. Most of the banks serve on Saturday until noon.
  • Is advisable to change money in those hotels, banks, and House of changes properly authorized. Do not change money on the street.

Food and drink:

  • The food Peruvian and varied (costa, sierra and jungle). Ask before about their preparation, since some of the dishes are spicy and spicy.
  • For drinks, we recommend you try the pisco sour, the chicha de jora, chicha morada.

Bless you:

  • We recommend to consult your doctor before traveling. The Peru health is good.
  • It is recommended to take measures of protection against mosquito bites, to avoid, among other diseases yellow fever (preventive vaccination – in case of travel to the jungle should be given 10 days before your trip – in some areas of the forest require the presentation of such a certificate) and malaria (repellents and drugs).
  • To avoid the altitude sickness or the altitude sickness, it is recommended to take pills of coramina, take coca tea to arrive, avoid heavy meals, take lemon candies and a bottle of water in hand.
  • We recommend drinking only water bottled, or previously boiled.


  • Photocopy your documents, travelers check, and charge with these copies in another bag.
  • Be alert, especially in places where there are many people, is preferable to not carry valuables.
  • Avoid taking products and services below standard prices and quality, since it can be easily cheated. Remember paying just enough, will receive just enough.
  • Ask the hotel staff, or the agent travel safe places, and potential hazardous sites.

What kind of clothing wear:

  • Coast: clothes light, clothing sports, shoes, clothes of bath.
  • Sierra: Light clothes for the day, but for night wear jackets, and coats. If your visit is from October to April, it is recommended to wear thermal clothing for possible showers. Sunscreen.
  • Jungle: Wear light clothes, shirts sleeve long, hats. In addition it is recommended to take with waterproof and repellent against mosquitoes.

Electric power:

  • 220 volts and 60 Hertz (except in Arequipa, where the current is 50 cycles). Hotels in 3,4, and 5 stars offer 110 volt power.

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