Ecomagic Tour 03 days and 02 nights

Type of tour:

Trekking, Camping, adventure, culture, nature.

Good for:

Those who enjoy hiking and have good physical condition.

Program Itinerary

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Day 01: Welcome / reception

On arrival in Puerto Maldonado, the biodiversity capital of Peru, will welcome you at the airport. Then, we will begin our program with a visit by bus, by the city. After that, we’ll head to the Port Captaincy, to embark on a motorized boat and sail by the River Under the Mother of God. During the trip, we will immerse ourselves in a fascinating natural environment, with luck we will observe a capybara, caiman, turtles, herons, cormorants and other species of animals.

In our hostel, will be received with a delicious nectar of fruit tropical Amazonian, and led to his comfortable room (bungalow). A delicious lunch will wait for you in our cozy dining room of rustic design. Satisfied your taste buds, will be led by our guide through the interpretative trail conveniently signposted to the Cayman Cocha, a small lagoon with an abundant presence of specimens of black caiman (Melanosuchus niger) and white caiman (Caiman crocodilus).

At the end of the afternoon, you will witness spectacular sunset in the Amazon, an experience full of color ranges and breathtaking intensity.

To the return to the hostel, it waits for a delicious dinner, and will have time free to share moments unforgettable in our bar, equipped with an excellent room of games of table and provided of all the drinks that you can imagine.

Day 02:

The magic begins with the songs of birds of paradise in the Amazon, to the awakening with the singing of the howler monkey (Alouatta seniculus). A hearty breakfast will provide the energy necessary for a morning full of new experiences.

After the breakfast, begin an adventure by it jungle Virgin, and accompanied of a guide local, will make a walk in the jungle deep, for get to the Cocha lost, that constitutes an ecosystem of refuge and power of a huge variety of animals.

There, we will be able to observe otters, caimans, turtles, tapirs (tapirs), multi-color plumage birds, the majestic Jaguar and a variety of fish species. This area is unique and the ecological reserve of the Ecoamazonia (location map) that you keep it intact, with huge swamps and various aguajales. Then, we will arrive to the extraordinary AMAZONIAN VIEWPOINT, from which we can admire the vast and magical forest. Then, we will give a pleasant ride in a canoe around the Lake and return to the lodge for lunch.

In the afternoon, accompanied by our specialized guide, we visit the Monkey Island; a unique place in the heart of the Madre de Dios River, five minutes away from the hostel.

During the walk, we will observe extraordinary landscapes, with a lush flora, harboring a variety of species of monkeys in their natural habitat, such as cappuccino, Leoncillo, Maquisapa, friar and hopefully other animals such as sloths and the Coati species as well as a variety of birds.

Finally, we will complete our tour of the island, enjoying the sunset, with the most impressive sunset in the jungle. Then, we return to the hostel and will conclude the day with a nice dinner.

Day 03:

After a peaceful night’s rest, in our dining room awaits our breakfast before embarking on return to Puerto Maldonado, in time for you to take your flight back to Lima or any other destination.

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