Moray and Maras Salt Mines

Type of tour:

Trekking, adventure, history, culture.

Good for:

Those who enjoy hiking and have good physical condition.

Program Itinerary

We invite you to review our tour Moray and Maras Salt mines.

We pick you up in your hotel and we began the  trip by bus,through the beautiful snow-capped peaks of Chicon and Veronica, arriving at the village of Chincheros is a town very charming. The area of the Mirador is recommended for the practice of the hang-gliding and paragliding.

Moray Agricultural laboratory.

It is located 47 kilometers from Cuzco. Moray is a prototype of a greenhouse or experimental biological station was quite advanced for their time, you can see the Inca agricultural laboratory, formed by four amphitheaters or platforms of Overlapping concentric circular stones and a depth of approximately 150 meters, in the form of rings that are widening.

In the adapted plants to new ecosystems. There are those who believe that these constructions may have served as an amphitheater for civic-religious ceremonies and not only for agricultural purposes.

Maras salt mines.

It is located 7 kilometers from Moray and 3 380 meters above sea level, it has salt mines, which were exploited from the Inca empire as a means of economic exchange

Maras is a small town, as a model of a miniature city. From Maras you can go to visit the salt mines by a bridle path, where it is common to find herds of mules to carry sacks of the salt extracted from the salinas natural

This genuine place is located to the northwest of the town of Maras are home to more than 3000 small pits with an average area of 5 m², are generators of salt because there is a manante that serves as a natural irrigation to these wells and thus solidify with the existing salt, this product is valid for the consumption of the population of the surrounding area and the same Cusco.

Finally, we will be returning to the city of Cusco.

The program includes:

  • Shared tourist transport.
  • Guide professional in group.
  • Snack for the road.

It does not include:

  • Lunch in the development of the tour.
  • Entrance to Moray and Maras Salt Mines.
  • Extra expenses.

Departure time and duration:

  •  Daily at 08:45, with a duration of 05 hrs. Approximately.

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