Pachacamac and Museums in Lima

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Contact in their hotels, to start journey to the sacred temple of Pachacamac, a place that was regarded as an oracle of the andean times, where you will be able to note that it was a Inca, which could have made important ceremonies, as it is the sacred temple of the Sun, built on platforms in the form of a truncated pyramid. Also here you can observe a central square or temple of Pachacamac, as well as the famous Acllawasi, among others.

According to some researchers consider it the mystical axis of the world, after the visit to the site museum where you can find very fine fabrics, ceramic with details of the God Pachacamac, concluding the visit are directed to the restaurant for lunch, after savoring our delicious dishes, we continue to our next visit.

We began the visit to the Larco Museum. Located in a 18th century mansion, built on a pre-Columbian pyramid from the 7th century, the Larco Museum is surrounded by beautiful gardens with galleries that exhibit the best and most complete collection of gold and silver from the pre-Columbian Peru in the world; as well as its famous collection of erotic ceramics.

Then we continue toward the NATIONAL MUSEUM OF ARCHEOLOGY AND HISTORY OF PERU, located in a house of colonial, old residence of viceroys and liberators.

Here are the famous monuments of stone, the “Estela Raimondi” and the “Tello Obelisk”, also you will be able to watch the most important collections from the pre-ceramic period to the Inca era.

We continue to visit to the GOLD MUSEUM OF PERU is the visit to the place where you will find objects from the pre-hispanic period, as also will find articles of gold, you will find a wide variety of: looms, feather, glasses, huacos and ceramics representing the customs of the people.

As well as some of the characters mummified. Also to be found in the halls of this museum weapons from the 1.200 B.C. uniforms for men of war of different times and places, horse saddles, spurs, frames and objects that marked history.

With these visits our visitors will be able to understand the wealth that we had in our ancient Peru.

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