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The white city, named for the buildings based on sillar, is classified as historical and monumental heritage that houses colonial architecture, and republican in its various scenic and cultural spaces. It is also known as the second city in the country, due to its commercial development nationally and internationally. We offer classic tours through the city, a combination of the traditional and modern of the city.
Within our options are adventure tours of two and three days in the Colca Canyon.

One of the most important places in this region as it brings together a series of natural attractions and samples of living culture, which will allow you to enjoy their customs. Get a wonderful place. We have private and group options, ask about our special tours that make up these visits.

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City tour, quiet and relaxed. The city tour includes visits to the Convent of Santa Catalina, Cathedral and most important places in the city. Enjoy its rich gastronomy.

One of the most recommended tours in the city of Arequipa, is one of the natural wonders and habitat of multiple native species of this region. South American camels, the flight of the condor.

Adventure trip and full fun, recommended to do it with friends, we will visit prominent places such as the town of Chivay, La Cruz del Condor and La Calera. We have group and private options.