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Lima - Ica

In this route they enjoy the beautiful cities of the Peruvian coast, which unite traditional aspects, culinary, adventure and above all the warm attention of its people. Ica is characterized by the wide production of one of the most important flag beverages in Peru, such as Pisco and its traditional Pisco Sour. It conserves in its tourist attractions the Oasis of the Huacachina and all the adventure by the desert, other important attractions like the Reserve of Paracas and Ballestas, natural places full of life and full adventure. Lima capital of Peru and political, financial and commercial center of the country. A mixture of colonial and modern city. It is the center of Peruvian cuisine, its gastronomic culture preserves a variety of typical foods, which are part of its rich culture, you can find Creole bars and restaurants that stand out internationally for their quality. We offer tours integrated by the two cities. We are here to help you.

One of the most beautiful places on the Peruvian coast. The reserve of Paracas and the Ballestas Islands, are one of the most important natural sources of the peruvian coast, it congregates an important group of pelicans, penguins, parihuanas and flamingos. We have groups in private and shared. We are here to help you.

One of the most demanded tours for national and international tourism in the part of the coast, as well as the two-day tour, we know the Paracas National Reserve and the Huacachina, but we added a