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Cusco is the most important tourist place in Peru, which preserves the largest number of routes and paths that the Incas traveled in the past, it is undoubtedly a mythical place that mixes the splendor of nature, and the ability of man to face the challenges and landscape conditions. Inca Trail, Salkantay, Choquequirao and Lares are some of the wonderful routes we offer for the satisfaction and enjoyment of our visitors.

We are pleased to offer you a good service and the highest security measures for your peace of mind. We have professionals with years of experience working in this field of tourism. Our commitment to give you the best service. We take care of organizing and managing everything related to your visit, check our options. We will be happy to answer you and offer you the best option.

Enjoy a special trip, get to know the last Inca bastion, Choquequirao or Cuna de Oro, one of the hardest places to arrive, but without a doubt some more beautiful places, that keeps a lot of history and outdoor walking.

If you like adventure, and nature walks, this is the recommended tour to do it. Two days enjoying the charm of the Inca Trail and the culture and history that the Sanctuary of Machupicchu leaves us.

The most special tour in terms of adventure and hiking in the city of Cusco. We visit places and multiple archaeological centers with special care, keep in mind to book in advance for the availability of entrances.

The tour of the Salkantay is one of the most demanded tours by visitors, as they visit beautiful natural sites, such as the Humantay lagoon and the snowy Salkantay, after which they arrive at the Historic Sanctuary of Machupicchu.

Total adventure, full walk and contact with nature, meet one of the most impressive snows in the city of Cusco as is the Salkantay, enjoy the valleys and beautiful views of this particular route, and above all in a comfortable and safe environment.

A different route, this particular tour, takes a bus trip on the route that leads to the city of Quillabamba, we cross to the town of Santa Maria to reach Machupicchu. A quiet tour with beautiful views of the altitudinal floors of this particular area of Abra de Malaga.

Full day tour to the mountains of colors, highly recommended to do it with family or friends. You walk an approximate of 6 hours. We enjoy the beauty of the landscape and the snowy peaks near this wonderful route.

A tour of approximately two hours of walking, ideal for traveling with family and friends. You can enjoy the magical landscapes offered by the lagoon with turquoise waters and the snowy peaks that are present in this beautiful place.

It is a tour of adventure and much fun to enjoy the nature, flora and fauna of the Tambopata National Reserve, have the possibility of doing the Inkaterra Kanopy and live the experience of sharing life in the jungle.