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Useful Information in Cusco


  • Capital: 3 399 m S N m (Cusco)
  • Altitude: Minimum: 532 m S N m (Pilcopata)
  • Maximum: 4 801 m S N m (Suyckutambo)


  • The city of Cusco has a semi-dry and cold climate the maximum annual average temperature is 19.6 °c (67.3 º F) and the minimum of 4.2 °c (39.6 º F) 
  • The rainy season starts in November and ends in March, time when the mountains are covered in green between June and July “Frosts" (intense cold) in which very occasional snowfalls have been reported are common.  

Access roads

  • Terrestrial: Lima-Arequipa-Cusco: 1 650 km (26 hours by car); Lima-Nazca-Puquio-Abancay-Cusco: 1 131 km (20 hours by car); Puno-Cusco: 389 km (7 hours by car)
  • Aerial: Regular flights from Lima (1 hour) and from Arequipa (30 minutes) to the city of Cusco 
  • Railway: Regular service: Puno-Cusco: 384 km (10 hours) 


  • Alejandro Velasco Astete International Airport, Cusco Av Velasco Astete S/n Tel: (084) 22-2611 

Bus transportation

  • Terrestrial Terminal: Av Vallejos Santoni BARDC 2, Santiago, Cusco Tel: (084) 22-4471 
  • Whereabouts of buses to Urubamba (via Pisaq): Calle Puputi S/n BARDC 2, Cusco 
  • Whereabouts of buses to Urubamba (via Chinchero): Av Grau S/n BARDC 1, Cusco 

Train Transport

  • Wanchaq Station to Puno: Av Pachacutec S/N, Cusco.  Tel: (084) 23-8722/22-1992
  • Station San Pedro a Machu Picchu: Calle Ccascaparo S/n, Cusco 

Police delegations

  • Tourist police: Calle Shapy 510, Cusco Tel: (084) 24-9654 

Perú, information and assistance to the tourist

  • Cusco Velasco Astete Airport (main Hall) Tel/Fax: (084) 23-7364 attention: L-D 6:00-16:00 hours
  • Plaza de Armas of Cusco Av. Sol 103, Ofic 102 (Tourist galleries) Tel: (084) 23-4498/Tel/Fax: (084) 25-2974 attention: L-D 8:30-19:30 hours 
  • Machu Picchu Av Pachacutec Block 1 S/N, Office 4 (Building of the National Institute of Culture) Tel/Fax: (084) 21-1104 attention: L-D 9:00-20:00 hours 

Banks/money exchange:

  • The banking schedule in Peru is usually from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 18:00 most banks attend Saturdays until noon 
  • It is advisable to change money in hotels, banks, and House of changes duly authorized do not change money on the street


  • We recommend to consult with your doctor before traveling
  • It is recommended to take protective measures against mosquito bites, in order to avoid, among other illnesses, the yellow fever (preventive vaccination-in case of traveling to the jungle it should be given 10 days Before their trip – in some areas of the jungle they require the presentation of this certificate) and malaria (repellents and medications).  
  • In order to avoid the altitude, it is recommended to have amine tablets, to take mate of coca when arriving, to avoid the heavy meals, to carry in the hand lemon candies and a bottle of water 
  • We recommend to drink only bottled water, or previously boiled 


  • Photocopy your documents, traveler's check, and load with these copies in another bag 
  • Be alert, especially in places where there are many people, it is preferable not to carry valuables 
  • Avoid taking services and products below standard price and quality D, since it can be swindled easily remember paying the right thing, you will get the right thing.  
  • Ask company personnel about safe places, and possible dangerous sites